Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Taking Time To Smell The Flowers, And Trees: 2012 Weekly Recaps (17 of 52)


This week, Madelyn and I had the opportunity to go to the Tulip Festival with Auntie Ning Ning!  The weather was not much different than last year, so there were plenty of mud puddles for Madelyn to jump into.  She took full advantage of that fact. 


She also enjoyed “smelling” the flowers.   


Trying to beat the rain, I told Madelyn we were going to walk the tulip rows before we checked out the playground area.  Obviously, this was all wrong and Madelyn made sure that she showed her displeasure.  Literally.

Notice the big smile with Auntie Ning Ning?


Two seconds later with Mama and Madelyn refused to give me a smile.


Big smile with Auntie Ning Ning. . .


Purposefully sad look with Mama.


Oh well - she forgot she was upset at me once she got to the playground.


I also scored a few points when I changed Madelyn’s sheets that evening.  When she saw what I was doing, she jumped into bed and wriggled around with a huge smile on her face, “Oh THANK YOU Mama for the clean sheets - I love clean sheets!”  (Troy’s Editor Note: Madelyn is becoming very OCD with her bedding between this and how she has to have her blanket perfectly spread out before she’ll climb under it). You can bet I will be changing her sheets a lot more often now!

After the Tulip Festival, Madelyn waited the whole rest of the week for the arrival of the weekend and her long-awaited birthday present from Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa: a swingset!  The plan is to build our own swingset.  We ordered swing seats and components on Amazon and Madelyn headed to Lowes with Daddy, Papa, and Grandpa to pick out the wood.

2012-04-21 15.31.49CameraZOOM-201204211530546712012-04-21 15.37.46

The swingset did not actually go up in the backyard yet - we detoured at Troy’s uncle’s tree farm looking at trees to add to the backyard along with the swingset.  Madelyn discovered a perfectly-sized clover patch, and the joys of sunny weather on a farm.


Should be a fun summer in our backyard!

- Tricia Olson, 2012

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