Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jessie’s April Roundup


April will probably bring a lot of showers around here, but it will also bring some fun-filled weekends for our family.  Events for the upcoming month include (in chronological order): a girls-only trip to see one of my college friends (Madelyn’s first airplane ride since coming home from China!), Easter, a family trip to the beach, the Salem March of Dimes Walk (for Team Ainsley Marie - see their post about it here or make donations to their team here), and Uncle Timmy’s College Graduation. 

The most-talked about of these events so far is the airplane trip, but that is mostly my doing because I want to make sure Madelyn is prepared for the event.  I have snacks, movies, toys, books, and changes of clothes packed already - which is probably overkill since it is only an hour-long flight.  Memories of the long flight home from China are still raw and fresh, however, so I feel that I cannot be too prepared.

Easter is apparently all about the egg hunt for Madelyn.  She spotted some plastic easter eggs at the Dollar Store recently and we purchased them to save for Easter.  She has been asking every day when we can open them, and I keep replying that we will open them on Easter.  Her response, every time, is “Is that when everybody at Grandpa and Grandma Carlisle’s house and we run around and find eggs with treats in them?”  Obviously we need to have a few more discussions about the reason we celebrate Easter, but you have to commend a memory that has stuck since she was just 2 years old!

For Jessie’s April Roundup, we decided to open the package of plastic eggs a little early. 


Jessie also gave Madelyn a little start on our spring flowers.  Despite the snow last week, the spring flowers are starting to bloom and it never fails to warm my heart. 


The eggs were numbered to spell out “Spring Flowers.”


I found a few more easter egg ideas online that we may try, including:

(1) Mailing an egg (Troy pointed out that we can simply put the egg in the mailbox and Madelyn won’t know any better at this point.  Killjoy.)

(2) Rolling Egg Art

(3) Egg Wars

I would love to try the last two ideas if we have sufficient time in our Easter week.  (Darn Pinterest gives me too many fun ideas I want to try out.)  If there isn’t time, we might just decorate Madelyn’s plastic eggs with the egg sticker stencils I found online.

Impress Your Kids, one of the blogs that I follow, has some excellent ideas for activities that help kids to learn and experience the true reason for celebrating Easter.  The blog recently featured a series called “A Sense of the Resurrection,” with daily activities that each focus on a scriptural aspect of Christ’s resurrection.  I am thinking this may be an activity that works better with Madelyn next year, so I am saving the ideas on my Pinterest Easter Board for future reference.  In addition to the daily activities, I think that Impress Your Kid’s Resurrection Garden is the coolest Easter idea I’ve seen on Pinterest.

This year, I think I will keep it simple and try the Resurrection Eggs recommended in our Church’s Sunday School newsletter.

In other Pinterest news, I have not been pinning much to my Toddler Fashion board lately, but I did add these adorable TOMS shoes that Madelyn received for her birthday from Grandpa and Grandma Carlisle.

Madelyn spotted them at Nordstrom a while back and said she would love to have them (she inspects the shoe display every time we go through), so we added them to her birthday list.  She is, without a doubt, a little fashionista!  Just a few days ago, I found her quietly perusing through some of my fashion magazines.  I imagine it is only a matter of months before she starts critiquing my style.


(Above picture taken last year.)

- Tricia Olson, 2012

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