Saturday, November 5, 2011

In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

by Tricia

DSC00057Troy as Han Solo.  Tricia as Princess Leia.  Madelyn as Yoda.

I remembered to post this picture on Facebook, but forgot to do the same for the blog.  If I don't say so myself, we totally rocked the costumes this year!!  And now, every night, Madelyn says "Goodnight Han Solo; goodnight Princess Leia,"  instead of "Goodnight Daddy and Mommy."  So cute.  And she still likes to wear the Yoda hat: "Yoda I am!"  Don't be surprised if she is demonstrating her lightsaber skills the next time you see her.  Or at least maybe a roundhouse kick.

The Yoda costume made an appearance last weekend at our annual Halloween Party at the Kahler house and again on Halloween weekend at the Portland Children's Museum.  As much as she adores her Yoda costume, Madelyn insists that next year she will be Elmo for Halloween, just like Owen.


She totally Jedi Mastered the face painting at Children's Museum and managed to sneak past the "sleeping" lego dragon even without her Yoda costume.


On Halloween night, we went trick or treating.  Princess Leia driving a CR-V with Yoda in the car seat attracted quite a bit of attention as we drove through town.  (Han Solo drove separately in a Corolla since he came straight from the Millennium Falcon aka work.)  Madelyn got enough treats to last her for months.  We will probably help her eat some of the goodies and shorten that time frame though.  A few big thank yous for the trick-or-treating fun:

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Carlisle for the fuzzadoodles!

Thank you Auntie Ning Ning and Uncle Dew for the flashcards, crayons, and swimming pool coupon!

Thank you Uncle Kelly, Aunt Nancy, and Cousin Natalie for the surprise dinner (especially the corn muffins - Madelyn's favorite!)

Thank you Aunt Tieryn and Uncle Kevin for the special Halloween card in the mail to welcome Madelyn before trick or treating!

Thank you Nana and Papa for the stuffed Sully (sleeps beside her every night now)!

Thank you Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Andrew for the pumpkin and coloring books!

And thank you to the mystery friend who left a bag of treats and toys on our doorstep for Madelyn to enjoy!  It has provided hours of fun!


May The Force Be With You.